Building Upshot From the Ground Up

User Research, UX Design, UI Design, Branding, Front-End Development

The Moonshots team of Influitive was tasked to create an easy and engaging experience for professionals to advocate for their favorite companies.

Research, Ideate, and Validate

We started by interviewing over 30 marketers from different marketing functions, seniority level, and company size. We learned about their roles, professional goals, difficulties at work, and industry trends.

We took these learnings and brainstormed ideas for potential products. We mocked up ideas, went to potential users for feedback, and then iterated on them.

My main role during this stage was to lead user research. I drafted scripts, analyzed learnings, conducted interviews. I was also responsible for recruiting and screening participants.

Affinity diagram for one of the many ideas that we tested.

Upshot Experiment

We wanted to test the idea of helping marketers highlight their achievements through blog posts. We made this easier and more compelling by

We ran a high-fidelity experiment and created twelve Upshot stories. You can see an original Upshot story here.

During the experiment I led user research, UX & UI Design, and wrote the HTML/CSS.

Upshot experiment story page design.

Upshot MVP

After our experimental success, we tied the product back to advocate marketing. Content is an important tool for marketing and sales. On the other side, professionals advocate for companies to accelerate their own career.

Upshot helps companies generate authentic customer stories while recognizing advocates for their achievements.

When we were building the MVP, my main roles were to lead user research and UX design. I was also responsible for visual strategy, UI, and assisting front-end development.

Upshot MVP story page design.
Contributor questionnaire design.
Contributor publishing flow.
Vendor create new campaign flow.


Checkout the Medium post to read more about the design process

Building Upshot From the Ground Up

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