Improving the Upshot Onboarding Experience

UX/UI Design and Icon Design

After we launched our MVP, we saw a high drop-off rate. In addition, many users did not fully understand our product offering. Within a week, I identified key areas of improvements, redesigned the most problematic step, and redesigned icons for better communication.

The Final Design

The goal of the redesign was to help users understand the benefits of our service and educate them on how the process works. The new design comprehensively outlines the process. It highlights the immediate steps so it is easier to read. It also explains the subsequent steps to set up proper expectations.

Start Screen redesign.

New Icons

The new icons are consistent in style and they help communicate the onboarding process.

New icon set.

The Redesign Process

I audited the onboarding flow to identify key issues. Based on the audit, the Start Screen had the most problems:

The onboarding experience audit
The original start screen


I first explored two alternative paths: 1) listing each step and 2) introducing the editor to help build rapport.

We really like idea #2, but the technical complications of assigning editors were still unknown. We decided to go with idea #1. However, listing each steps is boring and hard to read. Thus, I explored various layouts using icons on our homepage.

Alternative ideas
Alternative layouts

Icon Redesign

Some of the original icons did not help with communication. Their styles were also inconsistent. I decided to design a new set of icons.

With very little time, I searched The Noun Project to find icons based on keywords. I selected line icons that were rectangular in shape. I then tweaked them in Illustrator to create matching styles.

Original Icons
Icons selected from the Noun Project


Checkout the Medium post to read more about the design process

Improving the Upshot Onboarding Experience.

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