Upshot: Create Authentic Customer Stories

User Research, UX Design, UI Design, Branding, Front-End Development

Project Overview

I joined Influitive’s Moonshots team for a chance to build a brand new product. Our goals was to create an easy and engaging experience for professionals to advocate for their favorite companies.

Understanding the Users

I led the research effort in conducting user interviews and synthesizing research learnings. We interviewed over 30 marketers from different seniority level and company size. We learned about their professional goals and pain points.

The key theme was:

When professionals are building their careers, they want to learn from their peers, so that they can stay up-to-date on industry trends.
Affinity diagrams for research learnings.
Affinity diagrams for additional learnings.

Iterating with a Prototype

Taking the key insight, we brainstormed a ton of ideas. I mocked up the top choices and collected feedback from potential users.

Low-fidelity wireframe for early idea explorations.

Based on feedback, we created a service that helps career-driven professionals share and learn from each other. We ran a high-fidelity experiment, called Upshot, and iterated the product with 12 early adopters.

My goal was to make the content-generators feel like thought-leaders.

You can see an original Upshot prototype here.

Storyboard for the content-generator experience.
User flow diagram for reading and creation experience.
Story page design.
Publishing flow for creating new stories.

Finding Product-Market Fit with MVP

After our experimental success, we tied the product back to advocate marketing. Companies need a pipeline of new and original content for their lead-generation funnels. It is time-consuming and resource-intensive to maintain a consistent of stream of content. We wanted to create an efficient process to generate high-quality content at scale.

I wanted to create an effortless experience that streamlines the content creation process.

I worked closely with vendor and content-generators to iterate on the product. I also worked with a UI designer to bring the product to life.

After 4 months of working on the product, we were able to secure 7 SaaS companies to be paying customers.

Storyboard for the vendor experience.
Product flow diagram.

A VIP experience for content-generators

Contributor questionnaire design.
Contributor publishing flow.
Upshot MVP story page design.


Checkout the Medium post to read more about the design process

Improving the Upshot Onboarding Experience

Streamline the content-generation process for vendors

Step 2 of the campaign creation flow.
Vendor create new campaign flow.


Checkout the Medium post to read more about the design process

Designing the Campaign Creation Flow for Upshot

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