Figure Eight Contributor Account Redesign

Design Thinking, UX/UI Design, User Testing

About Figure Eight

Figure Eight (acquired by Appen) is a two-sided marketplace. Data scientists and machine learning scientists use Figure Eight to annotate their data in order to train their machine learning algorithms. They set requirements on how to process the data. Contributors from around the world then follow these requirements to do the processing.

Project Objective

The Figure Eight Contributor Account is a platform where people from around the world come to make extra income. Even though the platform has a ton of traffic, the system was poorly designed. It was also hard for the engineers to maintain.

The objective was to rebuild the platform, improve the sign up experience, and improve the platform navigation.

Understanding the Users

Our contributors are from around the world. English is often their second language. This is a flexible opportunity for them to earn extra income. Figure Eight Contributor Account is the main platform for them to find work.

Contributor Persona.

Design Thinking Session

I ran a series of design thinking sessions with our contributor operations team. These sessions were broken down by experience: sign up, platform, and payments. For each session, we created Empathy Maps and As-Is Scenario Maps to identify gaps in the experience.

Empathy map and scenerio map.

Old Platform

On the old platform, sign up was a main pain point for users. Users would often get confused by the process and drop out of the funnel.

The old elite sign up screen.

It also had outdated styling and confusing navigation.

Old platform screens.

Flow Diagram and Low Fidelity Wireframes

The goal of the new new sign up flow is to clearly communicates the value of our platform and guides them through the sign up process. Users can skip optional steps to minimize drop offs.

Sign up flow diagram.
Low fidelity wireframes for sign up.

For the new platform, I improved navigation and laid out the foundation for future expansions.

Information architecture for the new platform.
Low fidelity wireframes for the new platform.

Final Designs

I conducted user testing on contributors from different countries and with varying experience on our platform. All participants were able to succesfully sign up, check their past payments, and withdraw funds.

Since we did not have tracking, I sent out a survey to collect information about the type of monitors contributors use. Through the survey, I learned that they use low resolution monitors and small displays. For the high-fidelity wireframes, I selected colors with higher contrast from the styleguide and created mocks at a smaller display size.

New Sign Up Flow.
New platform designs.
Withdraw funds flow.


  • Existing contributors were able to succesfully create new accounts on their own
  • No drop in daily active contributors
  • Maintain steady work output for our customers
  • No spike in support tickets

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